Road Book

A good revenge!

A year after a pile of tyres ruined our hopes, Thierry and I won Rally Sweden after a rather incredible race. We are only the third “non-Nordic” crew to achieve this!  It’s been snowing a lot here in Sweden, from the first to the last day, making the roads even more tricky. To win here, you need […]

A proper Monte-Carlo!

New season, new hopes, new ambitions. As every year, the championship kicks off in Monaco. I’ve always loved Monte, it’s a massive challenge for the teams and quite possibly the most mythical rally in the world. Over here, the smallest mistake can cost you the win… and unfortunately this is what happened to us. We lost […]

Finish on a high note!

Hi everybody, What a feeling! Ending up the season with a victory is such a great thing… and winning here in Australia on these tracks that seem to have been created for rally cars makes it even better. We were determined to go for another good result after our podium in Wales, and the least we […]

Pure pleasure!

What a rally! The tracks through the Welsh forests are quite simply magic… fast and slippery, and if you add to that the tyipical ‘Rally GB’ conditions -Mud, rain, fog- you simply get one of the most exciting events of the year. Despite a little ‘glitch’ and a 10 seconds penalty on the first day, […]


Hello everybody! So, I’m not going to beat about the bush… Some rallies are great and some aren’t: 2017 Rally Germany definitely belongs to the second category. Things had started well, though, and after a great and very tricky Super Stage and a Dantean weather in the vineyards on Friday, we were in third position […]

Leaders of the championship!

For the first time in my life, I’m writing to you as the leader of the World Rally Championship!  It’s been far from easy… and there’s still much to do, but it is quite a pleasant feeling! Finland is like the Mecca of the WRC. Here, everybody talks about rally, thinks about rally and breathes […]

Na zdrowie!

This is for days like this this I do rallies. It feels so great! I wish I could describe you the feeling of driving at 190km/h on soaked dirt roads just to take a few seconds over our opponents. It’s never easy to switch from the sinuous track of Sardinia for the super-fast roads of […]

Five in a row!

Hi, everybody! The more rallies, the more good results! We’ve just ended this race in third place and this is our fifth podium in a row! Sardinia’s roads really are characteristic: the ground is very hard and covered with a thick layer of sand, scattered with big rocks. In short, this is an especially tricky […]

The party goes on and on!

The rallies keep coming and so are the great results! It really is super motivating to see that our hard work (and Hyundai’s) is bearing fruits. Portugal… aaaah, Portugal! I’m not going to lie to you, this rally never really worked out well for us. It’s always super complicated to find the appropriate pace in […]

Impossible is nothing!

Every victory is unique: there’s the first one, the most emotional; there are the crushing ones, the lucky ones, … and then there are the victories in suspense, the ones on which you refuse to give up, the ones you know you can get even though nobody else believes it. This is one of this […]



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